This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Databases in Server Explorer

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In Visual Studio .NET, Server Explorer replaces the former Data View window. Use Server Explorer to view and retrieve information from all of the databases installed on a server. You can list database tables, views, stored procedures, and functions in Server Explorer; expand individual tables to list their columns and triggers; and right-click a table to select the Table Designer from its shortcut menu.

Databases appear in two locations in Server Explorer:

  • Connections to various types of databases are listed under the Data Connections node. You can explore databases of other types than SQL server, and running on platforms other than Windows. For example, you can create a data connection to an Oracle database running on a UNIX or a Microsoft Windows system.
  • To browse a SQL server database running on Windows, open its subnode under the Servers node. You need not create a data connection to browse a SQL server database. If you do create a SQL server data connection for use in code, it will appear under the Data Connections node.

In This Section

Database Connections and Database References
Describes similarities and differences between database connections in Server Explorer and database references in Solution Explorer.
Information on Data Link Properties and OLE DB Providers
Directs you to useful topics on the data and service providers available to projects via the Data Link Properties dialog box.

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