ChainInterfaces::IidCount Constant


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The total number of interface IDs contained in the interfaces specified by template parameters I0 through I9.

static const unsigned long IidCount = Details::InterfaceTraits<I0>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I1>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I2>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I3>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I4>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I5>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I6>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I7>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I8>::IidCount + Details::InterfaceTraits<I9>::IidCount;  

The total number of interface IDs.

Template parameters I0 and I1 are required, and parameters I2 through I9 are optional.The IID count of each interface is typically 1.

Header: implements.h

Namespace: Microsoft::WRL

ChainInterfaces Structure