CreatorMap Structure


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Supports the Windows Runtime C++ Template Library infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

struct CreatorMap;  

Contains information about how to initialize, register, and unregister objects.

CreatorMap contains the following information:

  • How to initialize, register, and unregister objects.

  • How to compare activation data depending on a classic COM or Windows Runtime factory.

  • Information about the factory cache and server name for an interface.

Public Data Members

CreatorMap::activationId Data MemberRepresents an object ID that is identified either by a classic COM class ID or a Windows Runtime name.
CreatorMap::factoryCache Data MemberStores the pointer to the factory cache for the CreatorMap.
CreatorMap::factoryCreator Data MemberCreates a factory for the specified CreatorMap.
CreatorMap::serverName Data MemberStores the server name for the CreatorMap.


Header: module.h

Namespace: Microsoft::WRL::Details

Microsoft::WRL::Details Namespace