Microsoft::WRL::Wrappers Namespace


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Defines Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII) wrapper types that simplify the lifetime management of objects, strings, and handles.

namespace Microsoft::WRL::Wrappers;  




CriticalSection ClassRepresents a critical section object.
Event Class (Windows Runtime C++ Template Library)Represents an event.
HandleT ClassRepresents a handle to an object.
HString ClassProvides support for manipulating HSTRING handles.
HStringReference ClassRepresents an HSTRING that is created from an existing string.
Mutex ClassRepresents a synchronization object that exclusively controls a shared resource.
RoInitializeWrapper ClassInitializes the Windows Runtime.
Semaphore ClassRepresents a synchronization object that controls a shared resource that can support a limited number of users.
SRWLock ClassRepresents a slim reader/writer lock.

Header: corewrappers.h

Namespace: Microsoft::WRL::Wrappers

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