This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MFC Classes

The following classes are included in the MFC Library.

Class Header file
CAnimateCtrl afxcmn.h
CArchive afx.h
CArchiveException afx.h
CArray afxtempl.h
CAsyncMonikerFile afxole.h
CAsyncSocket afxsock.h
CBitmap afxwin.h
CBitmapButton afxext.h
CBrush afxwin.h
CButton afxwin.h
CByteArray afxcoll.h
CCachedDataPathProperty afxctl.h
CCheckListBox afxwin.h
CClientDC afxwin.h
CCmdTarget afxwin.h
CCmdUI afxwin.h
CColorDialog afxdlgs.h
CComboBox afxwin.h
CComboBoxEx afxcmn.h
CCommandLineInfo afxwin.h
CCommonDialog afxdlgs.h
CConnectionPoint afxdisp.h
CControlBar afxext.h
CCriticalSection afxmt.h
CCtrlView afxwin.h
CDaoDatabase afxdao.h
CDaoException afxdao.h
CDaoFieldExchange afxdao.h
CDaoQueryDef afxdao.h
CDaoRecordset afxdao.h
CDaoRecordView afxdao.h
CDaoTableDef afxdao.h
CDaoWorkspace afxdao.h
CDatabase afxdb.h
CDataExchange afxwin.h
CDataPathProperty afxctl.h
CDateTimeCtrl afxdtctl.h
CDBException afxdb.h
CDBVariant afxdb.h
CDC afxwin.h
CDHtmlDialog afxdhtml.h
CDialog afxwin.h
CDialogBar afxext.h
CDocItem afxole.h
CDockState afxadv.h
CDocObjectServer afxdocob.h
CDocObjectServerItem afxdocob.h
CDocTemplate afxwin.h
CDocument afxwin.h
CDragListBox afxcmn.h
CDumpContext afx.h
CDWordArray afxcoll.h
CEdit afxwin.h
CEditView afxext.h
CEvent afxmt.h
CException afx.h
CFieldExchange afxdb.h
CFile afx.h
CFileDialog afxdlgs.h
CFileException afx.h
CFileFind afx.h
CFindReplaceDialog afxdlgs.h
CFont afxwin.h
CFontDialog afxdlgs.h
CFontHolder afxctl.h
CFormView afxext.h
CFrameWnd afxwin.h
CFtpConnection afxinet.h
CFtpFileFind afxinet.h
CGdiObject afxwin.h
CGopherConnection afxinet.h
CGopherFile afxinet.h
CGopherFileFind afxinet.h
CGopherLocator afxinet.h
CHeaderCtrl afxcmn.h
CHotKeyCtrl afxcmn.h
CHtmlEditCtrl afxhtml.h
CHtmlEditCtrlBase afxhtml.h
CHtmlEditDoc afxhtml.h
CHtmlEditView afxhtml.h
CHtmlStream afxisapi.h
CHtmlView afxhtml.h
CHttpArgList afxisapi.h
CHttpConnection afxinet.h
CHttpFile afxinet.h
CHttpFilter afxisapi.h
CHttpFilterContext afxisapi.h
CHttpServer afxisapi.h
CHttpServerContext afxisapi.h
CImageList afxcmn.h
CInternetConnection afxinet.h
CInternetException afxinet.h
CInternetFile afxinet.h
CInternetSession afxinet.h
CIPAddressCtrl afxcmn.h
CLinkCtrl afxcmn.h
CList afxtempl.h
CListBox afxwin.h
CListCtrl afxcmn.h
CListView afxcview.h
CLongBinary afxdb_.h
CMap afxtempl.h
CMapPtrToPtr afxcoll.h
CMapPtrToWord afxcoll.h
CMapStringToOb afxcoll.h
CMapStringToPtr afxcoll.h
CMapStringToString afxcoll.h
CMapWordToOb afxcoll.h
CMapWordToPtr afxcoll.h
CMDIChildWnd afxwin.h
CMDIFrameWnd afxwin.h
CMemFile afx.h
CMemoryException afx.h
CMenu afxwin.h
CMetaFileDC afxext.h
CMiniFrameWnd afxwin.h
CMonikerFile afxole.h
CMonthCalCtrl afxdtctl.h
CMultiDocTemplate afxwin.h
CMultiLock afxmt.h
CMultiPageDHtmlDialog afxdhtml.h
CMutex afxmt.h
CNotSupportedException afx.h
CObArray afxcoll.h
CObject afx.h
CObList afxcoll.h
COccManager afxocc.h
COleBusyDialog afxodlgs.h
COleChangeIconDialog afxodlgs.h
COleChangeSourceDialog afxodlgs.h
COleClientItem afxole.h
COleCmdUI afxdocob.h
COleControl afxctl.h
COleControlContainer afxocc.h
COleControlModule afxctl.h
COleControlSite afxocc.h
COleConvertDialog afxodlgs.h
COleCurrency afxdisp.h
COleDataObject afxole.h
COleDataSource afxole.h
COleDBRecordView afxoledb.h
COleDialog afxodlgs.h
COleDispatchDriver afxdisp.h
COleDispatchException afxdisp.h
COleDocObjectItem afxole.h
COleDocument afxole.h
COleDropSource afxole.h
COleDropTarget afxole.h
COleException afxdisp.h
COleInsertDialog afxodlgs.h
COleIPFrameWnd afxole.h
COleLinkingDoc afxole.h
COleLinksDialog afxodlgs.h
COleMessageFilter afxole.h
COleObjectFactory afxdisp.h
COlePasteSpecialDialog afxodlgs.h
COlePropertiesDialog afxodlgs.h
COlePropertyPage afxctl.h
COleResizeBar afxole.h
COleSafeArray afxdisp.h
COleServerDoc afxole.h
COleServerItem afxole.h
COleStreamFile afxole.h
COleTemplateServer afxdisp.h
COleUpdateDialog afxodlgs.h
COleVariant afxdisp.h
CPageSetupDialog afxdlgs.h
CPaintDC afxwin.h
CPalette afxwin.h
CPen afxwin.h
CPictureHolder afxctl.h
CPoint atltypes.h
CPrintDialog afxdlgs.h
CPrintDialogEx afxdlgs.h
CProgressCtrl afxcmn.h
CPropertyPage afxdlgs.h
CPropertySheet afxdlgs.h
CPropExchange afxctl.h
CPtrArray afxcoll.h
CPtrList afxcoll.h
CReBar afxext.h
CReBarCtrl afxcmn.h
CRecentFileList afxadv.h
CRecordset afxdb.h
CRecordView afxdb.h
CRect atltypes.h
CRectTracker afxext.h
CResourceException afxwin.h
CRgn afxwin.h
CRichEditCntrItem afxrich.h
CRichEditCtrl afxcmn.h
CRichEditDoc afxrich.h
CRichEditView afxrich.h
CScrollBar afxwin.h
CScrollView afxwin.h
CSemaphore afxmt.h
CSharedFile afxadv.h
CSingleDocTemplate afxwin.h
CSingleLock afxmt.h
CSize atltypes.h
CSliderCtrl afxcmn.h
CSocket afxsock.h
CSocketFile afxsock.h
CSpinButtonCtrl afxcmn.h
CSplitterWnd afxext.h
CStatic afxwin.h
CStatusBar afxext.h
CStatusBarCtrl afxcmn.h
CStdioFile afx.h
CStringArray afxcoll.h
CStringList afxcoll.h
CSyncObject afxmt.h
CTabCtrl afxcmn.h
CToolBar afxext.h
CToolBarCtrl afxcmn.h
CToolTipCtrl afxcmn.h
CTreeCtrl afxcmn.h
CTreeView afxcview.h
CTypedPtrArray afxtempl.h
CTypedPtrList afxtempl.h
CTypedPtrMap afxtempl.h
CUIntArray afxcoll.h
CUserException afxwin.h
CView afxwin.h
CWaitCursor afxwin.h
CWinApp afxwin.h
CWindowDC afxwin.h
CWinThread afxwin.h
CWnd afxwin.h
CWordArray afxcoll.h

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