ProductOfferPerformanceReportColumn Value Set


Defines the attributes and performance statistics columns that you can include in the ProductOfferPerformanceReportRequest.

The attribute columns that you include in a report can affect how the statistics are aggregated. In other words the number of rows increase by a factor of the unique attributes. For more information, see Columns that Group the Data.

For a list of columns that you must include, please see the Required Columns section below.

To see how far back hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and summary aggregated data can be retrieved for a report, see Reporting Data Retention Time Periods.

<xs:simpleType name="ProductOfferPerformanceReportColumn">
  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
    <xs:enumeration value="TimePeriod" />
    <xs:enumeration value="AccountName" />
    <xs:enumeration value="AccountNumber" />
    <xs:enumeration value="AdGroupName" />
    <xs:enumeration value="AdGroupId" />
    <xs:enumeration value="AdId" />
    <xs:enumeration value="AdStatus" />
    <xs:enumeration value="CampaignName" />
    <xs:enumeration value="CurrencyCode" />
    <xs:enumeration value="DeviceType" />
    <xs:enumeration value="Language" /> 
    <xs:enumeration value="MerchantProductId" /> 
    <xs:enumeration value="SellerName"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="Impressions"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="Clicks"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="Ctr"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="AverageCpc"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="Spend"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="AverageCpm"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="AccountStatus"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="CampaignStatus"/>
    <xs:enumeration value="AdGroupStatus"/> 

AccountNameThe account name.
AccountNumberThe Bing Ads assigned number of an account.
AccountStatusThe account status.
AdGroupIdThe Bing Ads assigned identifier of an ad group.
AdGroupNameThe ad group name.
AdGroupStatusThe ad group status.
AdIdThe Bing Ads assigned identifier of an ad.
AdStatusThe ad status.

The average cost per click (CPC). The total cost of all clicks on an ad divided by the number of clicks. This is the average amount you're actually charged each time your ad is clicked. For example, if you paid a total of 48.35 for 300 clicks, your average CPC is 0.16.

The formula for calculating the average CPC is (Spend /Clicks).


The average of the cost-per-thousand impressions of the ads.

The value will be 0 (zero) if the corresponding ad groups do not specify the Content ad distribution medium.

CampaignNameThe campaign name.
CampaignStatusThe campaign status.
ClicksClicks are what you pay for. Clicks typically include a customer clicking an ad on a search results page or on a website on the search network. Clicks can also come from other sources (for example, spiders, robots, and test servers). For more information, see Bing Ads click measurement: description of methodology.

The click-through rate (CTR) is the number of times an ad was clicked, divided by the number of times the ad was shown (impressions). For example, if your ads got 50 clicks given 2,348 impressions, your CTR is 2.13 (%).

The formula for calculating CTR is (Clicks / Impressions) * 100.

CurrencyCodeThe account currency type.

The device name attribute of a device OS target bid. The type of device which showed ads.

For possible values, see the DeviceTypeReportFilter.

Note: The column name in the downloaded report is Device type, not DeviceType.

ImpressionsThe number of times an ad has been displayed on search results pages. Without impressions there are no clicks or conversions.
LanguageThe ad group language.
MerchantProductIdThe report will include a column that contains the unique identifier provided by a merchant for each product offer.
SellerNameThe report will include a column that contains the merchant or store name that offers the product.
SpendThe cost per click (CPC) summed for each click.

The time period of each report row.

Note: You may not include this column if the Aggregation element of the request object is set to Summary. If you include the TimePeriod column, the column label in the downloaded report depends on the aggregation level that you specify in the report request. For more information, see Time Period Column.

The report must include the following columns.


Note: This column is required for all aggregation types except Summary.

The report must also include one or more of the performance statistics columns available with this value set. For more information, see Report Attributes and Performance Statistics.

ReportingService.svc v9