CampaignNegativeSites Data Object


Defines an object that contains the negative site URLs of a campaign.

<xs:complexType name="CampaignNegativeSites">
    <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="CampaignId" type="xs:long" />
    <xs:element xmlns:q53="" minOccurs="0" name="NegativeSites" nillable="true" type="q53:ArrayOfstring" />

ElementDescriptionData Type
CampaignIdThe identifier of the campaign to which the negative site URLs belong.long
NegativeSitesA list of URLs of the websites on which you do not want your ads displayed. You can specify a maximum of 2,500 URLs. Each URL must specify the domain name, and can specify one subdomain name and a maximum of two directories. Duplicate URLs in the list are not added.

You can only exclude websites for syndicated search websites. For more information about network distribution, see Network.

Negative site URLs specified at the ad group level are used instead of any negative site URLs specified at the campaign level.

To remove all negative site URLs of the campaign, set this element to null.
string array

CampaignManagementService.svc v10