PerformanceStatsDateRange Data Object


Defines the date range values for the requested performance data in a bulk download.

<xs:complexType name="PerformanceStatsDateRange">
    <xs:element type="tns:Date" name="CustomDateRangeEnd" nillable="true" minOccurs="0"/>
    <xs:element type="tns:Date" name="CustomDateRangeStart" nillable="true" minOccurs="0"/>
    <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="PredefinedTime" nillable="true" type="tns:ReportTimePeriod" />

ElementDescriptionData Type
CustomDateRangeEndThe end date of the custom date range. The end date cannot be later than today’s date.Date
CustomDateRangeStartThe start date of the custom date range. The start date must be earlier than or the same as the end date.Date
PredefinedTimeA predefined date range value.ReportTimePeriod

BulkService.svc v11