OracleDataAdapter Constructor ()

Initializes a new instance of the OracleDataAdapter class.

Namespace: System.Data.OracleClient
Assembly: System.Data.OracleClient (in

public OracleDataAdapter ()
public OracleDataAdapter ()
public function OracleDataAdapter ()

When you create an instance of OracleDataAdapter, the following read/write properties are set to their default values, as shown in the table.


Default value





You can change the value of any of these properties through a separate call to the property.

The following example creates an OracleDataAdapter and sets some of its properties.

[Visual Basic]

Public Sub CreateOracleDataAdapter()
    Dim myOracleConnection As OracleConnection = New OracleConnection("Data Source=Oracle8i;Integrated Security=yes")
    Dim custDA As OracleDataAdapter = New OracleDataAdapter
    custDA.MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey
    custDA.SelectCommand = New OracleCommand("SELECT DeptNo, DName FROM Dept", myOracleConnection)
    custDA.InsertCommand = New OracleCommand("INSERT INTO Dept (DeptNo, DName) " & _
                                            "VALUES (:pDeptNo, :pDName)", myOracleConnection)
    custDA.UpdateCommand = New OracleCommand("UPDATE Dept SET DeptNo = :pDeptNo, DName = :pDName " & _
                                            "WHERE DeptNo = :pDeptNo", myOracleConnection)
    custDA.DeleteCommand = New OracleCommand("DELETE FROM Dept WHERE DeptNo = :pDeptNo", myOracleConnection)

    custDA.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("pDeptNo", OracleType.Number, 2, "DeptNo")
    custDA.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("pDName", OracleType.VarChar, 14, "DName")
    custDA.UpdateCommand.Parameters.Add("pDeptNo", OracleType.Number, 2, "DeptNo")
    custDA.UpdateCommand.Parameters.Add("pDName", OracleType.VarChar, 14, "DName")
    custDA.UpdateCommand.Parameters.Add("poldDeptNo", OracleType.Number, 2, "DeptNo").SourceVersion = DataRowVersion.Original

    custDA.DeleteCommand.Parameters.Add("pDeptNo", OracleType.Number, 2, "DeptNo").SourceVersion = DataRowVersion.Original
End Sub


public static void CreateOracleDataAdapter() 
    OracleConnection myOracleConnection = new OracleConnection("Data Source=Oracle8i;Integrated Security=yes");
    OracleDataAdapter custDA = new OracleDataAdapter();
    custDA.MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey;
    custDA.SelectCommand = new OracleCommand("SELECT DeptNo, CompanyName FROM Dept", myOracleConnection);
    custDA.InsertCommand = new OracleCommand("INSERT INTO Dept (DeptNo, CompanyName) " +
                                            "VALUES (:pDeptNo, :pCompanyName)", myOracleConnection);
    custDA.UpdateCommand = new OracleCommand("UPDATE Dept SET DeptNo = :pDeptNo, CompanyName = :pCompanyName " +
                                            "WHERE DeptNo = :pDeptNo", myOracleConnection);
    custDA.DeleteCommand = new OracleCommand("DELETE FROM Dept WHERE DeptNo = :pDeptNo", myOracleConnection);

    custDA.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("pDeptNo", OracleType.Number, 2, "DeptNo");
    custDA.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("pCompanyName", OracleType.VarChar, 14, "CompanyName");
    custDA.UpdateCommand.Parameters.Add("pDeptNo", OracleType.Number, 2, "DeptNo");
    custDA.UpdateCommand.Parameters.Add("pCompanyName", OracleType.VarChar, 14, "CompanyName");
    custDA.UpdateCommand.Parameters.Add("poldDeptNo", OracleType.Number, 2, "DeptNo").SourceVersion = DataRowVersion.Original;

    custDA.DeleteCommand.Parameters.Add("pDeptNo", OracleType.Number, 2, "DeptNo").SourceVersion = DataRowVersion.Original;

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