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Compiler Error C2663


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function' : number overloads have no legal conversions for 'this' pointer

The compiler could not convert this to any of the overloaded versions of the member function.

This error can be caused by invoking a non-const member function on a const object. Possible resolutions:

  1. Remove the const from the object declaration.

  2. Add const to one of the member function overloads.

The following sample generates C2663:

// C2663.cpp  
struct C {  
   void f() volatile {}  
   void f() {}  
struct D {  
   void f() volatile;  
   void f() const {}  
const C *pcc;  
const D *pcd;  
int main() {  
   pcc->f();    // C2663  
   pcd->f();    // OK