DataList Web Server Control
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DataList Web Server Control

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The DataList Web server control displays rows of database information in customizable format. The format in which the data is displayed is defined in item, alternating item, selected item, and edit item templates. Header, footer, and separator templates are also available to let you customize the overall appearance of the DataList. By including Button Web server controls in the templates, you can connect the list items to code that allows users to switch between display, selection, and editing modes.

The following topics provide information that you will find useful in learning to work with the DataList control.

In This Section

Introduction to the DataList Web Server Control
Provides background information on the DataList Web server control, including what you can do with it and an overview of its features.
Adding DataList Controls to a Web Forms Page
Gives directions for adding a DataList Web server control to a Web Forms page and setting the required properties to make it work.
Allowing Users to Delete Items in a DataList Web Server Control
Gives directions for allowing users to delete either individual items or a batch of items.
Allowing Users to Edit Items in a DataList Web Server Control
Gives directions for adding editing features to items in the list.
Allowing Users to Select Items in a DataList Web Server Control
Gives directions for providing a Select button that users can click to highlight an item.
Creating Templates Dynamically in a DataList Web Server Control
Gives directions for creating a layout template at run time.
Customizing DataList Items at Run Time
Gives directions for dynamically controlling the contents and appearance of items.
Responding to Button Events in DataList, Repeater, or DataGrid Items
Gives directions for adding buttons to individual items that invoke custom functionality for list items.
Specifying Flow or Table Format in a DataList Web Server Control
Gives directions for displaying the list in either flow or table format.
Specifying Horizontal or Vertical Layout in a DataList Web Server Control
Gives directions for controlling how many columns the list has and how the list items are ordered within columns.

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Web Server Controls Templates
Provides background information on using templates with the DataList control.

Creating Web Server Control Templates

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