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Submitting an app update

Submitting an updated version of an app is very similar to the process for submitting the first version.

Note  Any time you make a change to your app, you need to put it through the submission process again. This is true even in cases where you are not building a new app package, such as when you just want to change the description or category of the app. If the package has not changed from the previous release, be sure to indicate this in your notes to testers.

If you are submitting an update for an app which is not currently listed in the Store, you can choose whether to list the app again or just make the update available for new customers. See Removing apps for more info.

Bg124208.wedge(en-us,WIN.10).gifTo submit an app update

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard.
  2. On the Release page , choose the Packages button.
  3. On the Packages page, upload your app packages.
    Note  For an updated version, the value of the Version attribute of the Package/Identity element in the app manifest must be greater than that of the package last published to the Windows Store (for the same architecture). See Resolving package upload errors for more info.
  4. On the Description page, enter text in the Notes box to describe the new features or other changes to the app.

    This information doesn't appear to customers by default, but it's available to customers who want to know what will change if they download the update. Be clear and complete when you describe these changes. See Your app's description for more info.

  5. If any other properties on the Description page need to be updated, fill them in.
  6. Choose Save, then choose Submit for certification.
Note  If you have retargeted your app for Windows 8.1, see Adding Windows 8.1 packages for an existing app for information about submitting the new packages.

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