This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Designing Application Systems with System Designer 

System Designer provides a designer surface for designing application systems that are composed from applications defined on the application diagram or systems defined on other system diagrams. You can then progressively design larger and more complex systems by composing them from systems containing other systems. After you design a system, you can evaluate its deployment in the target datacenter.

In This Section

Overview of System Designer

Provides an overview of System Designer and the main tasks you can perform using the designer.

How to: Create System Diagrams

Describes how to begin designing application systems from selected application definitions.

How to: Add System Diagrams to Solutions

Describes how to add a blank or existing system diagram to a solution.

Designing Application Systems on System Diagrams

Contains topics about designing application systems on system diagrams.

Exposing Behavior of Members in Application Systems

Contains topics about exposing endpoints on members of systems so that you can connect them outside those systems.

Viewing Items from System Diagrams

Contains topics about viewing certain items on or from system diagrams, such as underlying definitions of system members, Web service endpoint details, and settings or constraints on members.

Defining Communication Pathways on System Diagrams

Contains topics about creating and configuring connections between members of systems on system diagrams.

Troubleshooting System Diagrams

Describes and helps resolve issues that can affect system diagrams and other distributed system diagrams.

Related Sections

Getting Started with Distributed System Designers

Introduces Distributed System Designers, common tasks performed across designers, accessibility information, and walkthroughs.

Designing Applications with Application Designer

Introduces Application Designer, which you can use to design applications that provide or use services.

Representing Datacenters with Logical Datacenter Designer

Introduces Logical Datacenter Designer, which you can use to create logical representations of target datacenters.

Evaluating System Deployment with Deployment Designer

Introduces Deployment Designer, which you can use to evaluate deployment of application systems.

Common Tasks Across Distributed System Designers

Describes common tasks performed across Distributed System Designers.

Distributed System Designers in Team Environments

Contains guidance for working with Distributed System Designers in a team environment.

Distributed System Designer Walkthroughs

Provides walkthroughs of core tasks performed using Distributed System Designers.

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