Shows or hides a scroll bar.

void ShowScrollBar(
   UINT nBar,
   BOOL bShow = TRUE 


Specifies whether the scroll bar is a control or part of a window's nonclient area. If it is part of the nonclient area, nBar also indicates whether the scroll bar is positioned horizontally, vertically, or both. It must be one of the following:

  • SB_BOTH   Specifies the horizontal and vertical scroll bars of the window.

  • SB_HORZ   Specifies that the window is a horizontal scroll bar.

  • SB_VERT   Specifies that the window is a vertical scroll bar.


Specifies whether Windows shows or hides the scroll bar. If this parameter is TRUE, the scroll bar is shown; otherwise the scroll bar is hidden.

An application should not call ShowScrollBar to hide a scroll bar while processing a scroll-bar notification message.

Header: afxwin.h

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