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Visual Studio .NET 2003

Determines whether and how often a Browse window is updated with changes made to records by other users on the network.

SET REFRESH TO nSeconds1 [, nSeconds2]


TO nSeconds1 [, nSeconds2]
Specifies whether and how often updates are made. nSeconds1 specifies the number of seconds between updates to a Browse or memo-editing window. nSeconds1 can be a value from 0 to 3,600; the default value is 0 seconds. When nSeconds1 is a nonzero value and other users change records you are viewing, those records are updated when the refresh interval elapses. The records you are viewing aren't updated if nSeconds1 is 0.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro buffers portions of tables in memory on your workstation. nSeconds2 specifies how often these local data buffers are updated with current data from the network. nSeconds2 is the number of seconds between data buffer updates. You can specify a value between 0 and 3,600; the default value is 5. The buffers are never refreshed if nSeconds2 is set to 0.

If you specify a value for nSeconds1 other than 0 but don't include nSeconds2, nSeconds2 is set to the same value as nSeconds1. However, nSeconds2 is set to 5 if you specify 0 for nSeconds1 and don't include nSeconds2.

Performance can be improved by increasing the value of nSeconds2.


Because tables can be opened for shared use on a network, it is possible that records you are viewing in a Browse window are being edited by other users on the network.

SET REFRESH affects records displayed in a Browse window opened with BROWSE, CHANGE, or EDIT. Memo fields opened for editing in a Browse window are also updated.

SET REFRESH can also be used to specify how often data buffered locally on your workstation is updated.

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