Properties for the Registry Editor
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Properties for the Registry Editor

The following properties are available when working in the Registry Editor. The actual properties available at any given time are dependent on the project type and the current selection in the editor.

Caution   Setting the DeleteAtUninstall or Transitive property can result in unintended effects. Make sure that you understand the behavior of these properties before setting them.
Property Description
AlwaysCreate Specifies whether to create the selected registry key as part of every installation, even if the registry key is empty. For more information, see AlwaysCreate Property.
Condition Specifies a Windows Installer condition that must be satisfied (evaluate to true) in order for the selected item to be installed at installation time. For more information, see Deployment Conditions.
DeleteAtUninstall Specifies whether the selected registry key and any subkeys will be deleted when the product is uninstalled. For more information, see DeleteAtUninstall Property.
FullPath Contains the full registry path for the selected registry key. Read-only.
Name Specifies the name of the selected registry key or value.
Transitive Determines whether the installer will reevaluate the Condition property for the selected item when installing or reinstalling on a target computer. For more information, see Transitive Property.
Value Specifies the data stored in the selected registry value.
ValueType Specifies the data type of a selected registry value. Read-only.

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