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Figure 6 Compile Options

Build Option
Same as the Build option in Visual Studio .NET
Same as the ReBuild option in Visual Studio .NET
Project to build, clean, or deploy. This switch is used with either the /build, /rebuild/, clean, or /deploy switch
Project configuration to build or deploy. Requires the /project switch
Cleans the solution or project
Causes deployment after a build (or a rebuild)
/out filename
Specifies a file to receive build errors
Figure 7 Looping Through File System
Sub PrintFiles(ByVal dir As DirectoryInfo)

    Dim d As Object
    For Each d In dir.GetFileSystemInfos()
        If (TypeOf (d) Is FileInfo) Then
            Dim f As FileInfo
            f = CType(d, FileInfo)
            Dim Name As String
            Name = f.Name
            Dim size As Long
            size = f.Length
            Dim creationTime As DateTime
            creationTime = f.CreationTime
            txtOutput.Text &= size & ", " & creationTime & ", " & _
                Name & vbCrLf

        Else 'it must be an directory

            PrintFiles(CType(d, DirectoryInfo))
        End If
End Sub