This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Returns a pointer to the control that resides on a tab, even if the control has a wrapper.

virtual CWnd* GetTabWndNoWrapper(
   int iTab 
) const;

[in] iTab

The zero-based index of a tab.

A pointer to the CWnd object that resides on the specified tab; NULL if iTab is invalid.

This method retrieves a direct pointer to the CWnd object that you added by using either the method CMFCBaseTabCtrl::AddTab or CMFCBaseTabCtrl::InsertTab. GetTabWndNoWrapper will retrieve a pointer to the added CWnd, even if the framework added a wrapper for the object. For more information about wrappers and the CMFCBaseTabCtrl Class, see CMFCBaseTabCtrl::CreateWrapper.

Use the method CMFCBaseTabCtrl::GetTabWnd if you do not want to ignore the wrapper class.

Header: afxbasetabctrl.h