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Docks one pane to the left of another pane.

BOOL DockPaneLeftOf(
   CPane* pBar,
   CPane* pLeftOf 

[in] pBar

A pointer to the docking pane.

[in] pLeftOf

A pointer to the pane that serves as the dock site. .

Returns TRUE if the operation is successful. Otherwise returns FALSE.

Call this method to dock several pane objects in a predefined order. This method docks the pane specified by pBar to the left of the pane specified by pLeftOf.

The following example shows how the DockPaneLeftOf method is used in the VisualStudioDemo Sample: MFC Visual Studio Application.

Snippet section 5 of code snippet {"project_id":"3fedad16-eaf1-41a6-8f96-0c1949c68f32","entity_id":"63fa2f97-2782-48cb-a159-a311357a8b20","entity_type":"CodeSnippet","locale":"en-US"} in source file ({"filename":"/cpp/MainFrm.cpp","blob_type":"Source","blob_id":"-002fcpp-002fmainfrm-002ecpp","blob_revision":2}) overlaps with other snippet sections. Ensure the tags are placed correctly.


Header: afxMDIFrameWndEx.h

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