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Retrieves a pointer to the ribbon element that has the specified command ID and search values.

CMFCRibbonBaseElement* FindByID(
   UINT uiCmdID,
   BOOL bVisibleOnly = TRUE,
   BOOL bExcludeQAT = FALSE 
) const;

[in] uiCmdID

Command ID for a ribbon element.

[in] bVisibleOnly

TRUE to search visible ribbon elements only; FALSE to search all ribbon elements.

[in] bExcludeQAT

TRUE to exclude quick access toolbar elements from the search; otherwise, FALSE.

A pointer to a ribbon element if it has the specified command ID and search values; otherwise, NULL.

A ribbon element is any ribbon control that can be added to the ribbon, such as a ribbon button, or a ribbon category, or a ribbon slider.

In general, there can be more than one ribbon element that has the same command ID. If you want to obtain pointers to all ribbon elements that use a specified command ID, use the CMFCRibbonBar::GetElementsByID method.


Header: afxribbonbar.h