The framework calls this method when it fills the background of a tab window.

virtual void OnFillTab(
   CDC* pDC,
   CRect rectFill,
   CBrush* pbrFill,
   int iTab,
   BOOL bIsActive,
   const CMFCBaseTabCtrl* pTabWnd

[in] pDC

A pointer to a device context.

[in] rectFill

A rectangle that specifies the boundaries for the tab window.

[in] pbrFill

A pointer to a brush. The framework uses this brush to fill the tab window.

[in] iTab

The zero-based tab index of a tab for which the framework fills the background.

[in] bIsActive

TRUE if the tab is active; otherwise FALSE.

[in] pTabWnd

A pointer to the parent tab control.

Override this method in a derived visual manager to customize the appearance of tabs.

Header: afxvisualmanager.h