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Specifies whether docking panes can be converted to MDI child windows.

BOOL m_bCanCovertControlBarToMDIChild;

Indicates whether docking control bars can be converted to MDI child windows. If this flag is TRUE, the framework handles the conversion automatically when the user selects the Tabbed Document command. The flag is protected and you must explicitly enable this option either by setting m_bCanCovertControlBarToMDIChild in a constructor of a CMDIFrameWndEx-derived class, or by overriding CanConvertControlBarToMDIChild.

The default value is FALSE.

The following example shows how m_bCanCovertControlBarToMDIChild is used in the VisualStudioDemo Sample: MFC Visual Studio Application.


	m_bCanConvertControlBarToMDIChild = TRUE;

Header: afxMDIFrameWndEx.h

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