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Enables a Help combo box that is located on the right side of the menu bar.

void EnableHelpCombobox(
   UINT uiID,
   LPCTSTR lpszPrompt = NULL,
   int nComboBoxWidth = 150 

[in] uiID

The command ID for the button of the Help combo box.

[in] lpszPrompt

A string that contains the text that the framework displays in the combo box if it is empty and not active. For example, "Enter the text here".

[in] nComboBoxWidth

The width of the button for the combo box in pixels.

The Help combo box resembles the Help combo box in the menu bar of Microsoft Word.

When you call this method with uiID set to 0, this method hides the combo box. Otherwise, this method displays the combo box automatically on the right side of your menu bar. After you call this method, call CMFCMenuBar::GetHelpCombobox to obtain a pointer to the inserted CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton object.


Header: afxmenubar.h