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Registers a pane with the docking manager.

BOOL AddPane(
   CBasePane* pControlBar,
   BOOL bTail=TRUE 

[in] pControlBar

Pointer to the pane to register.

[in] bTail

Specifies whether to add this pane to the end of the list.

Returns a non-zero value if the pane is registered successfully. Returns 0 if the pane is already registered with the docking manager.

Each pane must be registered with the CDockingManager Class before it can take a part in the docking layout. Use this method to notify the docking manager that you want to dock a specific pane. Once that pane is registered, the docking manager aligns it based on its alignment setting and position in the list of panes maintained by the docking manager.

Header: afxMDIFrameWndEx.h

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