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Unregisters a pane and removes it from the docking manager.

void RemovePaneFromDockManager(
   CBasePane* pControlBar,
   BOOL bDestroy,
   BOOL bAdjustLayout,
   BOOL bAutoHide,
   CBasePane* pBarReplacement 

[in] pControlBar

A pointer to a pane to be removed.

[in] bDestroy

TRUE to destroy the removed pane. FALSE to not destroy it.

[in] bAdjustLayout

TRUE to adjust the docking layout immediately. If FALSE, the adjustment will occur only when a redraw event occurs for other reasons (the user resizes the window, drags the main frame, etc.).

[in] bAutoHide

TRUE to remove the pane from the list of autohide panes. FALSE to remove the pane from the list of regular panes.

[in] pBarReplacement

A pointer to a pane that replaces the removed pane.

You must register each pane with the docking manager to take part in the docking layout. Use CMDIFrameWndEx::AddPane or CMDIFrameWndEx::InsertPane to register panes.

Use this method when a pane is no longer a part of the docking layout of the frame window.

Header: afxMDIFrameWndEx.h

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