This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reference (MFC Feature Pack)

Visual Studio 2008

The MFC Feature Pack Reference describes the classes, global functions, and global variables that make up the MFC Feature Pack. The hierarchy chart is useful for locating base and derived classes.

The documentation for each class includes a class overview and a summary of class members. The global functions and variables provide services that are used by various controls.

MFC Hierarchy Chart

Visually details the class relationships in the class library.

Classes (MFC Feature Pack)

Lists the classes in the MFC Feature Pack.

Global Functions (MFC Feature Pack)

Lists global services that support printing and application state management.

Global Variables (MFC Feature Pack)

Lists messages that the framework sends to MFC Extensions controls, and lists pointers to global manager methods.

Global Constants (MFC)

Lists the constants that are defined by the MFC framework.