Shows the pane.

virtual BOOL ShowPane(
    CBasePane* pBar,
    BOOL bShow,
    BOOL bDelay,
    BOOL bActivate 

[in] [out] pBar

A pointer to the pane to be shown or hidden.

[in] bShow

TRUE to specify that the pane is to be shown; FALSE to specify that the pane is to be hidden.

[in] bDelay

TRUE to specify that the layout of the pane should be delayed until after the pane is shown; otherwise, FALSE.

[in] bActivate

This parameter is not used.

TRUE if the pane was shown or hidden successfully. FALSE if the specified pane does not belong to this dock site.

Call this method to show or hide docked panes. Normally, you do not have to call CDockSite::ShowPane directly, because it is called by the parent frame window or by the base pane.

Header: afxDockSite.h

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