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Removes an element or a range of elements in a unordered_multimap from specified positions or removes elements that match a specified key.

iterator erase(
   const_iterator Where
iterator erase(
   const_iterator First,
   const_iterator Last
size_type erase(
   const key_type& Key


Position of the element to be removed.


Position of the first element to be removed.


Position just beyond the last element to be removed.


The key value of the elements to be removed.

For the first two member functions, a bidirectional iterator that designates the first element remaining beyond any elements removed, or an element that is the end of the map if no such element exists.

For the third member function, returns the number of elements that have been removed from the unordered_multimap.

For a code example, see map::erase.

Header: <unordered_map>

Namespace: std

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