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tuple_size Class <array>


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Wraps the size of an array.

template <class Tuple>  
struct tuple_size;  
// struct to determine number of elements in array  
template <class T, size_t Size>  
struct tuple_size<array<T, Size>>  
: integral_constant<size_t, Size>;  
// size of const tuple  
template <class Tuple>  
struct tuple_size<const Tuple>;  
// size of volatile tuple  
template <class Tuple>  
struct tuple_size<volatile Tuple>;  
// size of const volatile tuple  
template <class Tuple>  
struct tuple_size<const volatile Tuple>;  

The type of an element.

The size of the array.

This template is a specialization of the template class tuple_size Class. It has a member value that is an integral constant expression whose value is N, which is the size of the array.

#include <array>   
#include <iostream>   
using namespace std;  
typedef array<int, 4> MyArray;  
int main()  
    MyArray c0 { 0, 1, 2, 3 };  
    // display contents " 0 1 2 3"   
    for (const auto& e : c0)  
        cout << e;  
    cout << endl;  
    // display size " 4"   
    cout << " " << tuple_size<MyArray>::value << endl;  

Header: <array>

Namespace: std

tuple_size Class