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Retrieves either the size of the toolbar images that are stored in memory (source size), or the size of the toolbar images that are drawn on the screen (destination size).

SIZE GetImageSize(
   BOOL bDest=FALSE 
) const;

[in] bDest

TRUE to retrieve the destination size; FALSE to retrieve the source image size.

A SIZE structure, which specifies the size of an image in pixels.

The size of the source image is the size of the images that are stored in the CMFCToolBarImages Class object. You can call CMFCToolBarImages::SetImageSize to set the source size. The default value is 16x15 pixels.

By default, the destination image size is 0x0. You specify the destination size when you call CMFCToolBarImages::PrepareDrawImage. The CMFCToolBarImages::EndDrawImage method resets the destination size to the default value.


Header: afxtoolbarimages.h