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Writes data derived from the CObject Class to a specific registry value.

BOOL WriteSectionObject(
   LPCTSTR lpszSubSection,
   LPCTSTR lpszEntry,
   CObject& obj 

[in] lpszSubSection

A string that contains the name of a registry key.

[in] lpszEntry

A string that contains the name of the value to set.

[in] obj

The data to store.

TRUE if this method is successful; otherwise FALSE.

The lpszSubSection parameter is not an absolute path for a registry entry. It is a relative path that is appended to the end of the default registry key for your application. To get or set the default registry key, use the methods CWinAppEx::GetRegistryBase and CWinAppEx::SetRegistryBase, respectively.

If the value specified by lpszEntry does not exist under the registry key specified by lpszSubSection, this method will create that value.

Header: afxwinappex.h

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