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Registers the specified pane with the docking manager.

BOOL InsertPane(
   CBasePane* pControlBar,
   CBasePane* pTarget,
   BOOL bAfter=TRUE 

[in] pControlBar

A pointer to the pane to be inserted.

[in] pTarget

A pointer to the pane before or after which to insert the pane.

[in] bAfter

If TRUE, pControlBar is inserted after pTarget. If FALSE, pControlBar is inserted before pTarget.

TRUE if the method successfully registers the pane, FALSE if the pane was already registered with the docking manager.

Use this method to tell the docking manager about a pane specified by pControlBar. The docking manager will align this pane according to the pane's alignment and position in the docking manager's internal list.


Header: afxMDIFrameWndEx.h

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