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Toggles the docking pane between visible and autohide mode.

virtual CMFCAutoHideBar* SetAutoHideMode(
    BOOL bMode,
    DWORD dwAlignment,
    CMFCAutoHideBar* pCurrAutoHideBar = NULL,
    BOOL bUseTimer = TRUE

[in] bMode

TRUE to enable autohide mode; FALSE to enable regular docking mode.

[in] dwAlignment

Specifies the alignment of the autohide pane to create.

[in] [out] pCurrAutoHideBar

A pointer to the current autohide toolbar. Can be NULL.

[in] bUseTimer

Specifies whether to use the autohide effect when the user switches the pane to autohide mode or to hide the pane immediately.

The autohide toolbar that was created as a result of switching to autohide mode, or NULL.

The framework calls this method when a user clicks the pin button to switch the dockable pane to autohide mode or to regular docking mode.

Call this method to switch a dockable pane to autohide mode programmatically. The pane must be docked to the main frame window (CDockablePane::GetDefaultPaneDivider must return a valid pointer to the CPaneDivider).

Header: afxDockablePane.h

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