swap Function

swap Function <regex>


Swaps two basic_regex or match_results objects.

template<class Elem, class RXtraits>
    void swap(basic_regex<Elem, RXtraits, Alloc>& left,
        basic_regex<Elem, RXtraits>& right) throw();
template<class Elem, class IOtraits, class BidIt, class Alloc>
    void swap(match_results<BidIt, Alloc>& left,
        match_results<BidIt, Alloc>& right) throw();


The type of elements to match.


Traits class for elements.

The template functions swap the contents of their respective arguments in constant time and do not throw exceptions.



// std_tr1__regex__swap.cpp 
// compile with: /EHsc 
#include <regex> 
#include <iostream> 

int main() 
    std::regex rx0("c(a*)|(b)"); 
    std::regex rx1; 
    std::cmatch mr0; 
    std::cmatch mr1; 

    swap(rx0, rx1); 
    std::regex_search("xcaaay", mr1, rx1); 
    swap(mr0, mr1); 

    std::csub_match sub = mr0[1]; 
    std::cout << "matched == " << std::boolalpha 
        << sub.matched << std::endl; 
    std::cout << "length == " << sub.length() << std::endl; 
    std::cout << "string == " << sub << std::endl; 

    return (0); 

matched == true
length == 3
string == aaa


Header: <regex>

Namespace: std

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