We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Walkthroughs (MFC Feature Pack)

This section contains articles that walk you through various tasks associated with new MFC library features.

Walkthrough: Updating the MFC Scribble Application (Part 1)

This article walks you through migrating a simple MFC application from a classic style MFC application to a ribbon-based modern UI.

Walkthrough: Updating the MFC Scribble Application (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this walkthrough, we updated the classic Scribble application to include an Office Fluent Ribbon. Now that we have a working ribbon-based application, we can add ribbon-friendly panels and controls to perform tasks that were previously performed by using the menu bar.

Walkthrough: Creating a New Ribbon Application By Using MFC

In this walkthrough, you will use the MFC Application Wizard to create an application that has a default ribbon. You will then expand the ribbon by adding a Custom ribbon category with a Favorites ribbon panel and add to it some frequently used commands.

Walkthrough: Using the New MFC Shell Controls

In this walkthrough, you will create an application that resembles Windows Explorer. You will create a window that contains two panes. The left pane will contain a CMFCShellTreeCtrl object that will display your Desktop in a hierarchical view. The right pane will contain a CMFCShellListCtrl that will show the files in the folder that is selected in the left pane.

How to: Put Controls On Toolbars

Modern MFC toolbars can host controls other than simple buttons. This article explains how to do it.