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Defines a template class to parse Regular Expressions (C++), and several template classes and functions to search text for matches to a regular expression object.

#include <regex>  

To create a regular expression object, use the template class basic_regex Class or one of its specializations, regex and wregex, together with the syntax flags of type regex_constants::syntax_option_type.

To search text for matches to a regular expression object, use the template functions regex_match Function and regex_search Function, together with the match flags of type regex_constants::match_flag_type. These functions return results by using the template class match_results Class and its specializations, cmatch, wcmatch, smatch, and wsmatch, together with the template class sub_match Class and its specializations, csub_match, wcsub_match, ssub_match, and wssub_match.

To replace text that matches a regular expression object, use the template function regex_replace Function, together with the match flags of type regex_constants::match_flag_type.

To iterate through multiple matches of a regular expression object, use the template classes regex_iterator Class and regex_token_iterator Class or one of their specializations, cregex_iterator, sregex_iterator, wcregex_iterator, wsregex_iterator, cregex_token_iterator, sregex_token_iterator, wcregex_token_iterator, or wsregex_token_iterator, together with the match flags of type regex_constants::match_flag_type.

To modify the details of the grammar of regular expressions, write a class that implements the regular expression traits.


basic_regexWraps a regular expression.
match_resultsHolds a sequence of submatches.
regex_constantsHolds assorted constants.
regex_errorReports a bad regular expression.
regex_iteratorIterates through match results.
regex_traitsDescribes characteristics of elements for matching.
regex_traits<char>Describes characteristics of char for matching.
regex_traits<wchar_t>Describes characteristics of wchar_t for matching.
regex_token_iteratorIterates through submatches.
sub_matchDescribes a submatch.

Type Definitions

cmatchType definition for char``match_results.
cregex_iteratorType definition for char``regex_iterator.
cregex_token_iteratorType definition for char``regex_token_iterator.
csub_matchType definition for char``sub_match.
regexType definition for char``basic_regex.
smatchType definition for string``match_results.
sregex_iteratorType definition for string``regex_iterator.
sregex_token_iteratorType definition for string``regex_token_iterator.
ssub_matchType definition for string``sub_match.
wcmatchType definition for wchar_t``match_results.
wcregex_iteratorType definition for wchar_t``regex_iterator.
wcregex_token_iteratorType definition for wchar_t``regex_token_iterator.
wcsub_matchType definition for wchar_t``sub_match.
wregexType definition for wchar_t``basic_regex.
wsmatchType definition for wstring``match_results.
wsregex_iteratorType definition for wstring``regex_iterator.
wsregex_token_iteratorType definition for wstring``regex_token_iterator.
wssub_matchType definition for wstring``sub_match.


regex_matchExactly matches a regular expression.
regex_replaceReplaces matched regular expressions.
regex_searchSearches for a regular expression match.
swapSwaps basic_regex or match_results objects.


operator==Comparison of various objects, equal.
operator!=Comparison of various objects, not equal.
operator<Comparison of various objects, less than.
operator<=Comparison of various objects, less than or equal.
operator>Comparison of various objects, greater than.
operator>=Comparison of various objects, greater than or equal.
operator<<Inserts a sub_match in a stream.

Regular Expressions (C++)