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MFC Feature Pack for Visual C++ 2008

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The Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack includes an expanded MFC library to support modern user interface (UI) elements such as the Office Fluent UI, docking windows and MDI tabbed windows similar to those used in some releases of Visual Studio, enhanced toolbars, a rich new set of controls, support for controlling the overall visual style, support for desktop alerts, and much more.

For a full list of features supported in this expansion of the MFC library, see What's New (MFC Feature Pack).

These features are included in an updated version of the MFC 9.0 library that is available for download as an update that installs over your Visual C++ 2008 installation.

Note Note

The MFC C++ library source code for the Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface (the Fluent UI) is provided only as referential material to supplement the Microsoft Foundation Classes Reference and related electronic documentation provided with the MFC C++ library software. License terms to copy, use or distribute the Fluent UI are available separately. To learn more about our Fluent UI licensing program, visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/officeui.

Walkthroughs (MFC Feature Pack)

Contains How-to articles and walkthroughs for new MFC functionality in the Feature Pack.

Reference (MFC Feature Pack)

Contains information about each new MFC type, global variable and function.

Samples (MFC Feature Pack)

Contains a listing of all the samples included for MFC Feature Pack.