remove_all_extents Class
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remove_all_extents Class


Makes non array type from array type.

template<class T>
    struct remove_all_extents;

template<class T>  using remove_all_extents_t = typename remove_all_extents<T>::type;


The type to modify.

An instance of remove_all_extents<T> holds a modified-type that is the element type of the array type T with all array dimensions removed, or T if T is not an array type.


#include <type_traits> 
#include <iostream> 

int main() 
    std::cout << "remove_all_extents<int> == " 
        << typeid(std::remove_all_extents_t<int>).name() 
        << std::endl; 
    std::cout << "remove_all_extents_t<int[5]> == " 
        << typeid(std::remove_all_extents_t<int[5]>).name() 
        << std::endl; 
    std::cout << "remove_all_extents_t<int[5][10]> == " 
        << typeid(std::remove_all_extents_t<int[5][10]>).name() 
        << std::endl; 

    return (0); 


Header: <type_traits>

Namespace: std

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