Allocates the resources that are required to draw a toolbar image at a specified size.

BOOL PrepareDrawImage(
   CAfxDrawState& ds,
   CSize sizeImageDest=CSize(0,0)
   BOOL bFadeInactive=FALSE 

[in] ds

A reference to CAfxDrawState structure, which stores the allocated resources between image rendering stages.

[in] sizeImageDest

Specifies the size of a destination image.

[in] bFadeInactive

TRUE if you want inactive images to be drawn faded.

TRUE if the resources required to draw the toolbar image were allocated successfully, otherwise FALSE.

After you call this method, you can call CMFCToolBarImages::Draw any number of times. After you finished drawing, you must call CMFCToolBarImages::EndDrawImage to release the resources allocated by PrepareDrawImage.

Header: afxtoolbarimages.h