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Compares iterators for equality.

bool operator==(const regex_iterator& right);


The iterator to compare to.

The member function returns true if *this and right are both end-of-sequence iterators or if neither is an end-of-sequence iterator and begin == right.begin, end == right.end, pregex == right.pregex, and flags == right.flags. Otherwise it returns false.


// std_tr1__regex__regex_iterator_operator_as.cpp 
// compile with: /EHsc 
#include <regex> 
#include <iostream> 
typedef std::tr1::regex_iterator<const char *> Myiter; 
int main() 
    const char *pat = "axayaz"; 
    Myiter::regex_type rx("a"); 
    Myiter next(pat, pat + strlen(pat), rx); 
    Myiter end; 
    for (; next != end; ++next) 
        std::cout << "match == " << next->str() << std::endl; 
// other members 
    Myiter it1(pat, pat + strlen(pat), rx); 
    Myiter it2(it1); 
    next = it1; 
    Myiter::iterator_category cat = std::forward_iterator_tag(); 
    Myiter::difference_type dif = -3; 
    Myiter::value_type mr = *it1; 
    Myiter::reference ref = mr; 
    Myiter::pointer ptr = &ref; 
    dif = dif; // to quiet "unused" warnings 
    ptr = ptr; 
    return (0); 
match == a match == a match == a

Header: <regex>

Namespace: std::tr1

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