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DSS Service Description Catalog

This community-content enabled Wiki provides a catalog of Decentralized Software Services (DSS), service description indexes that have been announced to the DSS Community (jump to list of entries). A service description index contains information about DSS services including supported Decentralized Software Services Protocol (DSSP), message operations, service categories, service partners, and more. An index allows for discovery of services based on their descriptions and because it is using Atom/RSS (Real Simple Syndication) technology, enables subscribers automatically to be notified of updates and additions.

Using DSS Contract Information Tool (DssInfo.exe), the programmer can generate their own service description index of services that has been written. Then publish it on a web site, and either use it for internal use or add it to this page so that others can discover your services. Please refer to the topic Announcing DSS Services for details on how to do this.

This catalog is RSS enabled allowing subscribers to be automatically notified of additions and updates.

To add a new index to the catalog, please follow this process:

  1. Under the Community Content banner below, click "Add new Community Content".
  2. If not already signed in then sign in using your Windows Live ID or follow the process if you do not have one.
  3. Fill out the community entry and mark it with the tag robotics.services. Below is an example of how an entry may look. Note that hyperlinks can be inserted by selecting text and then hit Ctrl-K.
  4. Once the entry has been submitted it will show up within a few minutes. Because the catalog is RSS enabled, subscribers will automatically be notified about new or updated indexes listed in the catalog.
Sample index entry.



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