Gets the current status of a Downloader object request.

value = downloaderObject.StatusText

Type: string

A string value that corresponds to the Status property value of a Downloader object request.

This property is read-only. The default value is an empty string.

None. Downloader does not exist in the managed API. Generally you can use WebClient for downloads, which provides equivalent functionality.

This property reflects the current state of the Downloader request, based on the value of the verb parameter in the Open method and the Status property value. For example, if the value of the verb parameter is "GET" and the resulting download was successful, the value of Status is 200 and the value of StatusText is "OK".

The following table lists the HTTP and text status codes that the Downloader reports. For more information, see HTTP Status Codes in the MSDN Library.

Status code

Status text




The request completed successfully.


No content

The server has not found anything that matches the request Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

Because a Downloader downloads content asynchronously, the events that indicate completion or failure (Completed and DownloadFailed) are more relevant for most Downloader scenarios than is the value of the HTTP status code.

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