Gets or sets the maximum number of frames to render per second.

frameRate = silverlightObject.settings.MaxFrameRate
silverlightObject.settings.MaxFrameRate = frameRate

Type: integer

An integer value that specifies the maximum number of frames to render per second.

This property is read/write. The default value is 60.

This property is available on the settings subobject of a Silverlight plug-in instance.

The actual frame rate that Silverlight content renders depends on system load performance. The maximum frame rate is not capped.

Note that there is a mismatch in naming between the parameter in CreateObject/CreateObjectEx silverlight.js functions and the run-time property. The instantiation parameter is named framerate and this run-time property is named MaxFrameRate, but they both refer to the same value.

The format of the frame rate counter is as follows:


currentFramerate is the optimal frame rate that would apply in the absence of an upper frame rate limit, based on conditions in the plug-in's environment and as reported by the plug-in. maxFramerate is configurable through the framerate initialization parameter. Each number is a value that reports frames per second (fps). Whichever number is lower is the actual displayed frame rate.

The script syntax shown is for using the MaxFrameRate property at run time. You can also set the property during initiation, using either object param syntax or the silverlight.js helper functions. See MaxFrameRate (Silverlight Plug-in Object).

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