Gets or sets the location of the two-dimensional focal point that defines the beginning of a gradient.

<object GradientOrigin="Point"  .../>
value = object.GradientOrigin
object.GradientOrigin = value

Type: Point

The location of the two-dimensional focal point of the gradient.

This property is read/write. The default value is a point with a value of 0.5,0.5, which represents the center of the radial gradient area in the default coordinate mapping.

For information about the scripting usages of this property, see the "Remarks" section in the Point reference topic.

The MappingMode property of a RadialGradientBrush determines whether the object's coordinate properties are interpreted as relative or absolute values. By default, GradientOrigin is treated as relative, which corresponds to a MappingMode of RelativeToBoundingBox. A MappingMode of Absolute specifies that the GradientOrigin value is expressed in device-independent pixels, not as a factor within the bounding box of the area where the brush is applied.

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