Gets or sets a string identifier for the Silverlight plug-in instance, which is reported to accessibility clients.

value = object.Title
object.Title = value

Type: string

A string that provides a human-readable identifier for the Silverlight plug-in instance and its content.

This property is read-write. The default value is the string "Silverlight Content".

None. The managed API uses an entirely updated accessibility system. See Silverlight Accessibility Overview.

The Title should be intuitive so that content viewers understand the meaning or purpose of the Silverlight plug-in instance in the context of an HTML page. The string could be as simple as "Silverlight Content" (the default) or could summarize the visual content that a particular Silverlight plug-in instance is hosting. The Title is reported to accessibility clients with the expectation that it will be presented to content viewers. It is not intended to be only a programmatic identifier.

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