DownloadProgressChanged (ImageBrush)


Occurs when the DownloadProgress (ImageBrush) property has changed.

<object DownloadProgressChanged="eventhandlerFunction"  .../>
[token = ]object.AddEventListener("DownloadProgressChanged", eventhandlerFunction)

AddEventListener Parameters



A token that is returned from the function, which you can optionally retain as a variable. If you intend to call RemoveEventListener to remove the handler, you will need this token.



The name of your event handler function as it is defined in script. When used as an AddEventListener parameter, quotation marks around the function name are not required. (See the "Remarks" section.)

Event Handler Parameters



The object that invoked the event.



This parameter is always set to null.

No direct managed equivalent, and cannot be used as a XAML attribute on ImageBrush if using the managed API. You can however handle the BitmapImage.DownloadProgress event, either by using a verbose XAML syntax where BitmapImage can have a handler assigned by attribute for DownloadProgress, or through adding a handler (and setting the image source) in code.

You can also add handlers in script by using a quoted string for the event handler name, as follows:

object.AddEventListener("DownloadProgressChanged", "eventhandlerFunction")

This syntax also returns a token. However, the token is not an absolute requirement for removing the handler in cases where the handler was added by using a quoted string. For details, see RemoveEventListener.

The DownloadProgressChanged event occurs for progressive downloads only. It occurs whenever the amount of total content downloaded increases by 0.05 or more (as a factor of 1.0, which indicates completion), or reaches 1.0.

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