Provides a base class for specific animation key frame techniques that define an animation segment with its own target value and interpolation method for a DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames object.

See Derived Objects for syntax information.

DoubleKeyFrame is an abstract object that defines Double value type key frames for three different techniques of key frame animation: DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, and SplineDoubleKeyFrame. To animate a Double with key frames, you define a DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames animation and populate its KeyFrames property with one or more DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, or SplineDoubleKeyFrame elements that define the key frames.

For more information, see the following DoubleKeyFrame derived objects: DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, and SplineDoubleKeyFrame.

For more information on basic concepts, see Key-Frame Animations. Note that the Key-Frame Animations topic is written primarily for users of the managed API, and may not have code examples or specific information that address the JavaScript API scenarios.

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