Value (PointKeyFrame)


Gets or sets the key frame's target value.

<object Value="Point"  .../>
value = object.Value
object.Value = value

Type: Point

The key frame's target value, which is the value of this key frame at its specified KeyTime.

This property is read/write. The default value is a Point with value 0,0.

Point parallels a convention that is supported by a type converter, such that properties that take a Point as their value can specify a Point as a formatted string. The type converter generates a new Point value based on processing the string. The type converter functions both for XAML and script usages. In both cases, you supply a quoted string. The format of that string is an X,Y value pair. Alternatively, you can use a space rather than a comma as the delimiter between X and Y in the string.

For more information about scripting usages, see the "Remarks" section in the Point reference topic. The Value property of PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames represents a case where the object model provides access to an actual Point as a return value if you get this property at run time. This means that you can potentially use the X and Y properties of the returned Point to adjust the animation either before or while it runs.

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