Gets (or sets, in XAML only) the collection of actions to apply when an event occurs.

value = object.Actions
object.Actions = value




One or more BeginStoryboard object elements.

Type: TriggerActionCollection

A collection of actions to apply when an event occurs.

This property is read-only in scripting, and settable only through XAML. The default value is an empty collection.

You do not typically specify Actions as an explicit property element in XAML, because it is the default collection property of an EventTrigger object. You set the Actions value in XAML by placing one or more BeginStoryboard elements as the child elements of an EventTrigger object.

As soon as the collection of actions exists, you can manipulate the collection by using the value of the Actions property in scripting. The value will be a TriggerActionCollection object, and you can add, remove, clear, or query the BeginStoryboard children in that collection. However, you cannot replace the collection with an entirely new collection.

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