BoundingSphere.Transform Method (Matrix%, BoundingSphere%)

Translates and scales the BoundingSphere using a given Matrix.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Xna.Framework
Assembly:  Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Math (in Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Math.dll)

public void Transform(
	ref Matrix matrix,
	out BoundingSphere result


Type: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Matrix%
A transformation matrix that might include translation, rotation, or uniform scaling. Note that BoundingSphere.Transform will not return correct results if there are non-uniform scaling, shears, or other unusual transforms in this transformation matrix. This is because there is no way to shear or non-uniformly scale a sphere. Such an operation would cause the sphere to lose its shape as a sphere.
Type: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.BoundingSphere%
[OutAttribute] The transformed BoundingSphere.


Supported in: 5

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